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Q:Did I win the Publisher's Clearing House scratch-off?

I can't tell, I got the flour/sugar bins and dish cleaner, and in the box there was a scratch off ticket. The giveaway number is #2184 and it's called "PCH's Lucky Slots."
The rules said "Scratch off the GOLD BOX. Find the 3 matching symbols to reveal how much entrants from this bulletin could WIN."
I scratched off the gold box and I got 3 cherries in a row, I looked on the back and it said that 3 cherries in a row means you get $15,000.
The entry instructions: please sign and return this official prize notice. Then return your official entry firm by the deadline."

Real or fake?



Yes, you and all the other millions of people who play PCH have won a chance to win. Then later on you will win another chance to win again, and again, and again. It is the only game in town where you never lose but only win a chance to win.

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