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Q:In MTG are there any red or black cards to destroy enchantments?

I've got a decent red and black deck, but whenever I play against my friend his enchantments crucify me, because I can't do anything against them. Are there any red or black cards to eliminate enchantments. Either exile cards or destroy would work or even put it on the bottom of the deck.


No, Not without requiring a different color at least (like a black creature with a "Sac and pay Green mana" ability). Black's main weakness is a lack of Enchantment or Artifact removal. Red has Artifact removal, but nothing for enchantments.

In order to do this, you'll have to dip into some colorless options, like Lux Cannon, Spine of Ish Sah, or combining any of Red's Artifact removal with Liquimetal Coating.

Well, I supposed technically Red has Warp World, but it is very high mana and very unpredictable.

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